Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fun House Mirrors

Okay, I didn't really lose 90lbs in a day. We visited a local park that has a nifty room of mirrors. There were mirrors that make your legs look log or short, your torso as long as your body, your hips twice as wide, and my most favorite mirror, the super skinny,everyone is a size zero mirror. I wanted to stay there forever and bask in the view of mini me, but reality struck too soon. Only minutes later my wonderful husband snapped a picture of me going down a slide and the skinny dream was over.
So much for losing 90lbs in one day! I put a quote on our newsletter at work this week. It said: " There are no short-cuts to any place worth going." Isn't it true. I guess the only way to really appreciate where you are is to have worked to get there. It's true in almost every aspect of my life. So, here's to taking the road less traveled and making my own way! I'll get there, and when I do it will be worth it!

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aola said...

I want that mirror in my house!!

Love your new blog...looks like you.