Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Dream

I dream of a place with cool springs, lush rolling hills, and thick forest. In my dream I live simply. There is an old house with a wrap around porch where I can watch the sun rise and set. There are no busy street noises or shrill siren screams. There is only the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves and the quiet spring spilling out into the creek. The days are long and beautiful; overflowing with family, love, and laughter. The nights are quite and restful with a sky full of stars and a big bright moon to light the way to wherever we may be going. The air is scented with fresh cut grass, grandmas Peony’s, and nectar from the humming bird feeder. Life is not perfect, but it’s close. This is my dream, and I know the longer I wait for it, the more I will enjoy it when it comes.

The pictures above are of a house I've fallen in love with. I first saw it on a camping trip several years ago. The first picture is from that trip. The house was abandoned and falling apart. I had visions of buying it and fixing it up. From the second picture you can tell someone beat me to it. It's a lovely old house; full of wonder, mystery, and potential. I hope that when it is time for us to move to our little piece of heaven on earth we will build something with as much character.

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aola said...

WoW. I love that house.