Wednesday, October 05, 2005

After forcing myself to workout and thinking happy thoughts yesterday, the day brightened a little. It was a reminder to me that I can't base my follow through on how I am feeling because somedays I don't feel like super woman.
Today was easier. David is sick so I've been mama hen. Helping someone else always takes one's mind off of themself.
I am going to a group bible study on Friday with my friends Thomas and Gina. I'm a little hesitant, but hopeful as well.


R said...

Good luck at Bible Study.

They are scary, but I keep going back for more.

aola said...

glutton for punishment, huh??

Sandra said...

Becky it was acctually one of your posts about a bible study you went to that convinced me to give it a try. I'll take my garlic and silver bullets..or are those only for vampires?!?