Monday, October 03, 2005

We had an awesome weekend. On Saturday, Erin and I walked in the Help One Child fundraiser walk. She raised $100 dollars for the charity which supports foster children and their families. We both thought it was a great way to celebrate our one year adoption anniversary. They had a lot of fun activities for kids including a craft station, a big blow up slide, and a jumper.
Afterwards, we got her hair cut. It was completely her desision, but we are both happy with the results. She had about five inches taken off which means less tangles for her to deal with in the morning.
Sunday we went to the mall. We were supposed to be going to Build A Bear so Erin could have a bear made to celebrate the one year adoption mark, but there was no Build A Bear at the mall we went to so we did some window shopping and had lunch at Dave & Busters.
This week, I am refocusing my weightloss goals. The 1600 calorie diet is not working so I'm cutting back to 1400. We will see where that gets me. Something has to give eventually, right?
The walk we were at on Sunday was at a church. While there, I noticed all the people connecting and enjoying the company of one another. It stirred up all those old longings to be a part of something. I went right back to my old habbits and searched for a church when I got home. I don't think that is the answer. I believe that there is something more. Please God, help me find it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe God stirred up these feelings and led you to search for a church for a reason. I know I'm no authority on religion or anything, but it's just a thought. From where I'm standing it looks like you are fighting with all of your power to not give into God. Again, just a thought. I'd like to talk more about it, if you want. Email me. -Jen

Sandra said...

On the contrary, I'm not fighting God. I'm seeking him in new and deeper ways. It's the same old Sunday routine that I'm fighting against. I know me and how comfortable I would feel in that situation; how easy it would be to sit in a pew and let someone tell me how to live for and serve God. If I wanted to chose what was easy, I would attend the first church I drove by on Sunday morning. I'm not looking for easy. I'm looking for God.
I'll e-mail you when my e-mail system is working again.
love yout too Jen!