Saturday, November 05, 2005

I'm adding two new Blogs to my list. The first is a gentleman named Sooni who lives in Baghdad Iraq. I came across his blog while hitting the "next blog" button and was suprised to see pictures of happy faces in Iraq.
Aola posted about truth in her blog. I've been thinking a lot about truth concearning the war in Iraq, and have come to realize there are many truths. Sooni's blog shows a piece of the truth. Most Iraq's are happy to have freedom and are greatfull to the men and women who are there fighting with them and for them. War is an awful ugly machine. I don't know a single person who wishes for or hopes for war. I don't know all the in's and outs of this war. I don't understand the politics behind all of it. I hear a lot from the left and the right about WMD's and no WMD's and about war for oil and think that somewhere in between these two polarized sides is truth. I do know that when I saw the pictures of people celebrating Eid in Iraq I was suprised. The only pictures I've seen have been of death and destruction, and while that too is truth, it's nice to see some of the other truths that exist there.
The second link is to a blog by SSG Paul Farr and is a newsletter he sends out from Iraq. It too is another piece of truth from Iraq from the side of our men serving there.


aola said...

see what I mean... everyone has a variation of truth and for the most part I'm sure that they truly believe that what they believe is truth whether it is truth to you or not is a different question. I just don't want to feel like I have to believe anybody else's truth that doesn't work for me or doesn't ring true in my heart.
Lots of voices out there......

but I'm not sure the media even believes what they pump out is truth... as long as it sells

Sandra said...

There are a ton of voices out there. On this topic in paticular I can't follow my own truth because I'm split down the middle. How can it be wrong to bring freedom to people who want it? How can it be right to fight a war that was most likely started with less than good intentions. Some of the people in Iraq are happy we are there. Some of them are not. Some of our men who are fighting are fighting with the best of intentions some are not. These are all truths. None of them can be discounted because one of them exists. The truth of this war is multi-sided. Some of the sides are ugly some are beautiful. The fact that we agree or disagree with the war doesn't make any of the truths less real. This is such a grey area for me which is tough because most people see this isue in black and white.