Thursday, December 15, 2005

I worked out for the first time all week today. ( Thanks for the inspiration Aola.) It felt good. Really good. I don't know why I put it off all week. I occupied my time with knitting. I've completed three scarves so far. I'm almost finished with my fourth. Still, that is no excuse. I should have been working out at least 30 minutes each day. Last week I did an hour each day. I think it was too much all at once. I was really tired at the end of the week.
Hey Aola, you want to list our workouts daily to help keep each other accountable? I could use the support.

Todays workout: 30 minutes of circut training with heart rate of 80% (I plan on doing another 30 minutes this afternoon and hopefully doing a light run this evening.)

My Christmas shopping is complete for the most part. I even have the gifts for my out of town family boxed up and ready to go to the post office today. I'm going to send them priority so they make it to their destinations on time. This is the first year I've managed to have it all done before Christmas. Usually they get their gifts in January. I even have all of my cards ready to be sent out today. I guess the cosmos was in line for me this year. I had a wonderful time buying and wrapping presents. I wish I could be with my family when they open them. I'm thinking about doing a webcam cast of Erin opening hers so the grandparents can see. They'll get a kick out of that.

This Saturday we are taking Erin to a talent scout audition. For the past three years she has been begging me to take her to auditions because she wants to be on T.V. As I was listening to the radio one day I heard an announcement for a scout who casts for shows like "The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody" and national commercials. I called and got all the info. Gina is woring with her this week. She will have to do an interview and a cold read of a commercial. She's doing really well with Gina. Whatever happens, I know this will be a great learning experience for her and hopefully will build her selfconfidence. I keep telling her that she can do whatever she puts her mind to. She just has to be her bright, fun, loving self.

Time to finish that scarf!


aola said...

I have been doing some yoga in the mornings, about 15 minutes worth and walking right after lunch. My walking trail is up a hill and then down a hill (no flat ground). This week I am walking about 15 minutes,next week I will double that.
And, you are so right. I always feel better when I do it; it's just making myself. There always seems to be something else I would rather be doing.

Oh, yeah, and today I will be doing my Walmart walk :) that counts doesn't it???

keep pushing me!!

Sandra said...

Of course the Wal-Mart walk counts! I'm going to run when I get home. There was a girl in here (curves) who is a runner. Her body is rockn! She's very sleek and toned. I should have taken a picture for inspiration.

Kristen said...

Hey, um, I have an idea. We should start an exercise accountability blog...

We write a post on our goals and then post our workouts and/or eating plans each day.

What do y'all think?

Kristen said...

By the way, if y'all aren't interested or it sounds like too much work, it won't hurt my feelers.


R said...

Can I play, too?

Sandra said...

That sounds great Kristen! I don't think it would be too much work. We can just post it on our daily blog at the bottom or something or start a special blog for it..whatever we want to do.
Of course you can join Becky!

aola said...

I need to do something like that to help me stay on track. Mark always says "Oh, Honey why don't you just skip today, you can go tomorrow." (and brings me home more chocolate)Being accountable to you young, gorgeous women will (hopefully) shame me into to at least keeping up my walking.

So, Yeah, let's do it.

Sandra said...

Husbands are great like that aren't they. David does the same thing to me and I'm so weak when it comes to eating lunch at Quiznos or Lee's Sandwhiches...NO MORE!!!

Kristen said...

I wish J did that to me. Ha. The man has no sweet tooth whatsoever and the self-discipline of a monk. Grrr.

I'll try to start mine today, too! This is fun! You ladies have some great goals.

aola said...

Kristen, I like Sandy's idea of a seperate blog for our plan, what do you think?
One of us could start it and post daily (or weekly) about what we are doing and then everyone else could join in the comments.

What do ya'll think about it or would it be easier just to use our regular blogs??