Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Many of my conversations and much of my reading recently has revolved around church. What it is, what it isn't , and what it should be. Sometimes I get lost in the words people use and the scriptures they quote. I lose my footing and find myself slipping into self doubt. I start thinking that maybe I've really missed the boat. So, I start at the end of my rope and trace the twists and turns back to where I began thinking there had to be something more. The truth is, I've always known there was something more. I knew it the first time I delivered Meals on Wheels with my grandparents and the time I saw my grandma zero out an account someone had at her grocery store because she knew they couldn't afford to pay it. My grandparents lived church before my eyes every day. Yes, they attended regular Sunday meetings where my grandfather could often be seen dozing off in the back pew, but the church that affected me most and the church I want to model my life after was the one I saw them live outside those four walls. Their church was built on actions that showed Gods love in a real and practicle way. It didn't begin or end with a weekly meeting it was a way of living.
As far as the legalities of community, I'm drawn towards the ideas in this post at RLP.
If We Could Do Church
It doesn't matter to me where we meet or when. I want a community that spurs one another towards living church every day.

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aola said...

Wasn't that a great essay. I almost posted it on my blog last night.
And, I so totally agree with you about what church is (or the reality of church); we should be living it every day where ever we are.