Saturday, December 10, 2005

Seven things I want to do before I die:
1. Move to Pennsylvania.
2. Build a house on our land there.
3. Finish school.
4. Start my own business.
5. Play the guitar.
6. take one really amazing photograph.
7. Have a baby or 4.

Seven things I cannot do.
1. Play the guitar.
2. crochet
3. stop drinking diet soda
4. tolerate stupid people (i'm with A on this one)
5. run a 15 minute mile
6. feel comfortable in a crowded theater or resteraunt
7. spell

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Husband (romantic interest, best friend, whatever applies to you)
1. he is family oriented
2. he has the same dreams and goals as I do.
3. he is loving
4. he is a nice guy..he'll do what it takes to help someone out be it a family member or stranger.
5. his sence of humor
6. that special place on his chest where I rest my head.
7. His eyes

Seven Things I Say most often.
1. love ya.
2. You're making me so mad right now.(in a goofy voice)
3. Have a great day.( to everyone as they leaves Curves)
4. Erin, Is your room clean?
5. whatever
6. How was school?
7. Are you kidding me?

Seven Books, Or Series, That I Love
1. Fortunes Rocks
2. Guess How Much I love you
3. The Journey Of Desire
4. The Dive From Clausens Pier
5. A Seperate Peace
6. Happy Adoption Day
7. SMILE! ( One of those mini pop-up books with 25 good reasons to smile)

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again
1. Pretty Woman
2. Pollyanna
3. The Patriot
4. Sleepless In Seatle
5. It's A Wonderful Life
6. Enemy Of The State
7. The Journey Of Naty Gan

Thanks for the tag Aola. ( I think ) It's your turn Gina!


aola said...

Great list!
You do know that not being able to spell has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with memory, right??
Some of the smartest people I know cannot spell. :)
Thanks for playing.

Sandra said...

Really? Spelling is all about memory. My memory must be awfull! Thanks for the tag. It was really fun.