Sunday, January 08, 2006

I had big plans for today. I had visions of re-organizing the back closet and putting all of the Christmas decorations away in the new green storage containers I purchased at Target for $3. Everything started off well. I started cleaning the kitchen and moved from one cabinet to the other ridding them of items we don't need. I worked in the living room. I cleaned out our filing cabinet to ready it for a new year full of new papers I need to keep "just in case". I managed to move a few boxes in the back closet. I even took all the decorations off the tree and placed them lovingly in their new green tub home. It is a good start, a very good start in deed, but I'm obsesive. I don't like that it isn't finished. I can't stand that there are boxes in my hall that need to go to the Salvation Army and I can't take them there because it's past midnight and it would be rediculus to load them in the truck and drive them over there at this hour. Not to mention the fact that David is sick. He knew I was planning a big cleaning weekend. I'm sure that is why he got sick. Yep, he did it on purpose. How am I supposed to lift those oversized boxes into the back of the truck all by myself? I will find a way. I must have order!


Kristen said...

LOL You sound like me.

Sandra said...

Oh, your "one of those people" too..we'd clean and organize the world if they'd let us wouldn't we!