Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am glad tomorrow is Friday. For no reason inpaticular, it's been a very long week. All day Wendesday I was convinced it was Friday which made getting through today very difficult considering my brain kept registering it as Saturday and my body couldn't figure out why I made it get out of bed.
I had lunch with my friend Txus (pronounced like juice only with a ch at the begining) and I went out to lunch yesterday in celebration of her upcomming move to Oregon. I am truly sad that she is moving, but very excited for her. She and her family will surely enjoy the open space in their huge new home and the land it sits on! She is nevous and scared and feeling all of the emotions a person feels when they leave the place they call home, but I know she will build a new home and new community. She is a strong beautiful woman and I'm thankful to have her as a friend.

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This is such a cute picture