Friday, February 10, 2006

I've been talking to my twin sister a lot recently. I love talking to her and sharing the bits and pieces of our lives that we can over the phone, but it stirs up all these longings inside me. I want to be close to her. I want to see my neice and nephew grow up. I want to go shopping together and have our nails done. We are best friends seperated by thousands of miles. Twins have a conection that is completely unique to them. We were together from the moment of conception. We never spent more than one night apart until we were 17. When I moved away, leaving everyone was hard, but leaving her almost killed me. I'm trying to convince her to move closer to me or to move to my dads where we will be moving eventually, but she won't budge. I've considered kidnapping her and the kids. Whats the jail time on kidnapping anyway?
I'm off to shop for new art prints to decorate my warm yellow room.


aola said...

maybe by the time you move to PA she will be ready.

Kristen said...

My brother is moving to Mississippi pretty soon, and I'm already not very excited...and he's not even my twin!