Friday, March 17, 2006

In search of the perfecty hairstyle..

I've had the same hairstlye for about two years now. It's a cute little flip out number that works well for me. I want a change but nothing too drastic. I really love this sporty hairstyle on the fabulous Kirsten Storms.

I have an appointment with my stylist on Tuesday at 3:30. I can't wait. I wanted to get in tomorrow morning, but she's all booked up.


Kristen said...

Super cute!

RYC-I'll be elated, too! I think we will all meet one day, either in this life or beyond.

aola said...

It's really cute but doesn't look much different than your hair does now??

Sandra said...

Yeah, it isn't much different at all. It has a little more blunt of a cut and the layers are a little more stagered and longer than what I have currently. It also has much shorter bangs.
I don't want to change what I have too much because it's the first style I have really loved.

aola said...

What do you do to get it to do the flippy thing?