Sunday, April 30, 2006

Now that everyone else has doen this..

I AM: me.
I WANT: a house in the country with a wrap around porch.
I WISH: I were in that house now.
I HATE: waiting.
I LOVE: my family, friends, and those glorious times when we are all together.
I MISS: my family and friends.
I FEAR: not having enough time.
I HEAR: birds chirping, cars driving by, and the tap tap tap of the key board.
I WONDER: where we will be in six months.
I REGRET: not finishing college when it would have been easier.
I AM NOT: like anyone else.
I DANCE: in the kitchen with David.
I SING: to High School musical with Erin.
I CRY: less than I used to.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: in control.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: good food, scrapbook pages, a safer world for my daughter, and a clean house for me.
I WRITE: because I need the practice.
I CONFUSE: my right and left ..Embarrassing!
I NEED: less than I have.
I SHOULD: give my self a little more credit sometimes.
I START: jokes that I can never remember the punch line to.
I FINISH: in my own sweet time.
I TAG: anyone that hasn't done this yet.


aola said...

Great list. I'm glad you did it. Emily loves High School Musical, too. She knows all the dance steps.

I bet Erin does, too, doesn' she?

Sandra said...

I know the dance steps too! Erin recorded it and then had me practice all the dances with her. It was fun! If Emily would like a DVD of the dance-a-long one I can have David make her one.

aola said...

she would love it