Monday, June 19, 2006

Just thought I'd post a little something here before the blogger police close me down. Of course, now they'll get me for use of a blog with nothing to say.
I went clothes shopping today because that's what I do when I'm on my period. Why I do that to myself is beyond me! The good thing is, I never buy anything because I'm too bloated to fit into anything. So, I save money and get the shopping bug out of my system all at once. The bad part is that I am usually depressed for a few days afterwards.
This was a good weekend. Erin and I went swimming, bike riding, and roller blading. Today, I also went for a 20 minute jog on the good ol' treadmill. I can really tell the difference lifting weights is making in my legs. They feel so much stronger!
For the past week or so that Country Time Lemonade commercial with the family at the lake and the kids swinging over the water on a tire swing keeps running through my mind. If only life could be like that for just a week. It sucks being a country girl in the city. We live our lives cramped in this apartment with no yard to sit in. Heck, we don't even have a porch to put a chair on. Cars whiz past in a steady stream a mere ten feet from our front door making sitting outside undesirable even if it were possible. I suppose we could mosey on up to the roof with our lawn chairs. If only the person who put in the hatch hadn't put it in backwards so that the ladder is on the same side as the hatch. We literally have to jump the 2 feet from the ladder to the open side. It's a little scary. Maybe I'll just turn on the HGTV and pretend I'm sitting outside.
Well, for a person with nothing to say, I've rambled on long enough. I'm sorry you had to read this.


R said...

So, I'm making inadequate sympathy noises for you :)

aola said...

I lived in Oklahoma City in an apartment complex. This country girl could hardly stand it, I would take Charlie and go to the park so I could breathe.