Friday, July 28, 2006

He is amazing. He had an interview today and got an offer right away. On his way home from the interview he got a phone call from Porsche. The interview is Monday. Our hopes are high.


Kristen said...


aola said...

Porsche!! Wow!! Way to go David!!!

One of the best jobs Mark ever had was with a dealership in Hamilton MT. It was clean, clean, clean and the mechanics were all top notch.

Sandra said...

I'm torn. Porshe sounds great, but the interview he had yesterday was with a guy who owns his own shop and is drowning in work. He seemed like a super nice family-oriented hard working guy. David said he had pictures of his dog and his wife all over the office.
David got a really good feeling from talking to him. The hours would be long and the pay will probably be less than Porsche, but since David wants to open his own shop eventually I think it would be better experience than working for Porsche.
We're just waiting to see if he even gets the job with Porsche and what they offer him.
Pray that we'll see the right choice.