Monday, August 07, 2006

We leave for the airport in two hours. I hope Seattle is ready for my daughter! I'm very nervous! We bought Erin a Tracphone yesterday and I went over all the rules a few times. I'm sure I'll mention them a few more times before her flight leaves. I know everything is going to be fine, but I'm a mom so I worry.

We find out about the job at Porsche today. We've been praying and crossing our fingers all week. It will be nice just to finally know if he has the job or he doesn't. All this wondering can make a person crazy.

We sold our Mustang last week. We were both sad to see it go, but it needed more work than we had time or money for. We bought an 86 BMW that is in excellent condition, has all the original owners manuals, and has all the receipts for work done over the last ten years. Those of you who have known us long enough may remember that three years ago we sold an 86 BMW to buy the Mustang. Life is funny.

I just sent a huge box of school clothes to my niece and nephew in Oklahoma. They just called me to say thank you. What more reward does one need that a tiny voice on the other end of the phone saying "Thank you Nana."? My heart is full.

I am currently jobless for the first time in 7 years and it feels okay. I told David that I might take the week off and schedule a massage if he gets the job at Porsche. I haven't had a vacation in four years. It would feel good to have a break. I mentioned to him that it might be a good time to think about babies and you should have seen the look I got. I might have gone just a little too far with that one. In all seriousness we're waiting a while for that venture. Don't get your hopes up mom. :)


Kristen said...

I'll get my hopes up for you. :)

BTW, I love this KD Tunstall song. (Is that how you spell her name?)

Boy, I thought you were starting your job today for some reason...I'm out of it with everything going on...sorry.

aola said...

Brandy's kids are old enough to start school???? oh,my, gosh...

I'll say a little prayer for Erin as she goes off on her first big adventure.

Kristen said...

I forgot to mention: if worse comes to worse, I live an hour away from Seattle. I can just go get her if there's an emergency. :) But I'm sure everything will be fine!

aola said...

Kristen, it's KT Tunstall, isn't she great!

Sandy... don't leave us hanging!!

Kristen said...

Yeah, I dig KT. You know, she's both Scottish and Chinese...ya gotta love that. :)