Friday, September 01, 2006

Getting used to my new schedule is proving to be a little more difficult than I thought. I'm so used to being free in the afternoon, but now I'm squeezing all my non-work-related activity into the few hours I have before and after work. It's not all bad. I love not having to be up at 5:30 in the morning. I do wish I had a little more time to spend with Erin. Luckily I have Mondays off so that will be our mom/daughter time.
The last few days of the month are always hectic with this job. I'm busy making one late call after another trying to get the last few payments in. It's exciting, I know!
I'm preparing for my mom's visit next week. We are doing a lot of tourist type stuff which should be fun. As long as I've lived here, I've never been down the famous Lombard Street, or seen China Town. I booked a tour with an open double decker bus like the kind comonly seen in London. The tickets were relativley cheap and it's a hop on/hop off type of tour so we don't have to wory about driving to each location and finding parking.
Today my wonderful husband is working for me so I can shampoo carpets and finish up the laundry. (Yes, this is what I like to do in my spare time.)
I called my grandpa today. He's still in the hospital, but should be released Wednesday. He sounds great!
I think it's official enough now that I can say, David has a job! He received their employment offer in the mail last week and accepted right away. They are finishing up some paperwork and then will call him with his start date. He's really excited, and I'm happy for him. The job will combine the knowledge he has of cars with his love of the computer industry. I'm happy to seem him inspired and excited.


aola said...

Hoo Ray for the new job!!

You must have the cleanest freakin' carpet in the whole world.

I've gotten rid of all the carpet in our house except the dining room. Two summers ago I told Mark what I wanted to do in there ... and it has yet to be started. That carpet is sooooo nasty that it is just embarrassing.
One day it will hit me just right (or wrong) and I will rip it up myself.

Sandra said...

I would love love love to get rid of the carpet in our appartment, but updating something that isn't ours with hardwood floors is obviously silly. Carpets just hold all the dirt and yucky stuff forever, even with steam cleaning. Our driveway/parkinglot is black top. We cary the black stuff in on our shoes and it goes right to the carpet. I've tried getting everyone to take their shoes off but it doesn't last long.