Saturday, October 21, 2006

Disneyland was great! It was VERY crowded, but we expected that. My favorite ride was Peter Pan's Flight. I guess I'm still just a kid at heart. Erin loved The Hollywood Tower of Terror. David loved Pirates of the Caribbean.
I got to take a picture with Marry Poppins. It was the highlight of the trip! I told you I'm a kid at heart!
Life is good. I'm learning to live for now and not worry so much about tomorrow. I'm trying to enjoy being here in this place at this time rather than wish I were somewhere else.
I finished "Velvet Elvis". It went along nicely with "A Generous Orthodoxy". Both are about loving everyone and thing well. So, I am praying for more love, more compasion, more grace. It isn't easy to give so much of yourself when it feels like just living sucks you dry. When I finished both books, I felt completely overwhelmed and lost. Both of these books showed me how selfish I can be, and it didn't feel good.


Kristen said...

We're going in three weeks! I can't wait! Space Mountain is my favorite ride.

Sandra said...

Erin and I loved Space Mountain. I think David liked it a little. Have fun! I'm thinking about asking David if he wants to go there for our anniversary. There was so much we didn't get to do because of the crowds and they didn't have the fireworks because of wind.

aola said...

A big part of the Native American spirituality theory is that each and every creature has a part of the creator in it and we should love all things... but don't forget to love yourself, too!!