Friday, October 06, 2006

For Aola; a bright spot.

This is an exerpt from this article in The New York Times.

Yet, when asked about the killings, most people here seemed focused on forgiveness, faith and a determination to move forward.

"You think about them, you cry about them, you pray for them," said Lizzy Fisher, an Amish grandmother who is close to several great-grandparents of the slain girls. "And then you have to let go of things you can't explain."

Asked whether anyone in the community felt angry about the killing, Ms. Fisher seemed aghast.

"Oh, no, no, definitely not," she said shaking her head vigorously, standing behind a screen door at her house along Bachman Town Road in Ronk. "People don't feel that around here. We just don't."

Barbara Beiler, a friend of a pregnant teacher who was in the classroom but was released by Mr. Roberts, said the woman, whose name has not been released, had told her, "Even when the gunman was in the room, she felt like there were angels present."

"These are people," Ms. Beiler said, "with unshakable faith."

I love the comment about letting go of the things you can't explain. Modern society demands a reason for everything, but no reason given could ever be enough.
The little farm I love and hope to move to is nestled in the middle of Amish country. When I think about the Amish way of life, one word comes to mind; simple. Their simple way of life is a reflection of their simple faith. They don't feel the need to complicate things by searching for a reson for something that is beyond reason. Instead, they will mourn, forgive, and let go. The world will see this example of their faith magnified. If there is any bright spot in such tragedy, it is this.

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