Wednesday, October 25, 2006

From Kristen

Those AmEx advertisements in magazines...
First it's my turn:

My name: Sandra
childhood ambition: To be a "baby nurse"
fondest memory: every summer I spent in Pennsylvania
soundtrack: Good Monsters
retreat: a warm bath
wildest dream: Life on my farm with the occasional shopping trip to Europe
proudest moment: Adopting Erin
biggest challenge: not giving up
alarm clock: the radio
perfect day: coffee, quiet time, dinner with the entire family!
first job: newspaper girl
indulgence: chocolate
last purchase: groceries
favorite movie: Everafter
inspiration: life
My life: is about change
My card: is Visa debit card..I agree with Aola, credit cards are evil!
Now it's your turn...

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Kristen said...

Nice, Sandra!

I love Ever After, too...