Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I tried for several minutes this morning to post photos of our trick-or-treat adventures last night with no success. Perhaps blogger was as tired from last nights haunted happenings as I was. Erin had a wonderful time. As she skipped from house to house begging ( in a socially acceptable way) for treats I remembered bits and pieces of the times I did the same. We weren't allowed to celebrate Halloween for several years, but when we did I was almost always a gypsy. I remember putting on my moms peasant skirt with a belt and her large hoop earrings that almost touched my shoulders. She would tie a bandana around my head and put a little color on my face. My sisters and I would race from house to house high on the thought of all the candy we would posses by the evenings end. Last night as I greeted fellow trick-or-treaters and treat givers I caught a little bit of that feeling again. I held it for a little while and relished its sweetness. Halloween to me is a night of magic not because of witches and warlocks or evil spells, but rather because of what could be. For one night in a long year of ordinary evenings we shed our inhibitions and become someone or something else. We imagine what life might be like if we were not limited to the skin we are in. Possibility opens herself up to include anything that can be imagined and princesses, faries, ninjas, and yes, even Mary Poppins makes an appearance.

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aola said...

I still want to see pictures, so don't give up..

I've often thought we ought to have costume parties more often.