Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My mother-in-law is getting progressively worse. They put her on a ventilator yesterday morning. I wasn't able to go see her because Erin is not allowed in ICU, but from what I gather her eyes are really yellow which is a red flag. It seems very odd to me that they keep telling us her liver is doing well, and that the cause for all of this is an infection in her lungs, but her eyes are yellow. It's so difficult to not know what is going on. They did more cultures and a CT yesterday which should give us some more information today. All we can do is wait and see what they find out. They said they might try to take her off the ventilator today. I hope they will be able to.

Without much notice our guest list for Thanksgiving has doubled. We were planning on the three of us, my father-in-law and David's aunt. David invited a friend of his dad's and her grandmother and then other friends of ours called to say they were coming. We had invited them a week ago, but they didn't think they could make it. I love having everyone here, so I don't mind at all. I wish it were under better circumstances and that Pam would be joining us. We will spend part of the day at the hospital with her. If she is off the ventilator I'm going to take her a plate of food. Home cooking is good for the soul.

I love these slippers from Sleepyheads.com! I have them in pistachio and put the pink pair on my Christmas list. They are so soft and comfy! I wear mine so much they are falling apart!


aola said...

cute slippers!

So sorry to hear Pam is worse.
Sounds like you will have a good Thanksgiving. I feel pretty down about this whole holiday season.. how did we wind up in this place with no friends and no family??

Anonymous said...

Why wouldnt you get a sitter so you can go see her? You're so selfish!

Kristen said...

Those are some cute slippers. So you!

Hope Pam starts getting better soon.

I don't know why I feel I need to say this, but take care of you this season as well, Sandra.

Sandra said...

Thank you Aola and Kristen. I'm trying to hold it together. Pam is not doing well at all. She has ARDS, basically a hardening of the lungs. She has been stable for the last 24 hours which is good. The doctors said "a day where we don't go backwards is a success". She isn't able to talk but can mouth words to us. I do my best to translate. She is scared and angry. We've been with her every day holding her hand. I told her she was going to get through this. She just has to fight. She nodded her head yes. She keeps asking us to take the tube out and telling us not to let her die like this. I told her the doctors and nurses were doing everything they could and that if we have anything to say about it she isn't going anywhere. She's fiesty and onery. She's got a very strong will. I hope that will cary her though this.
For now we must wait and pray.

Anonymous said...

Hi , It is me samanhta I was saying hi , I love these bootyes!!!THanks samantha!!