Saturday, December 23, 2006

For anyone who needs a laugh.

Sandra The Elf


Anonymous said...

I love your blog site,,, did not know you had one,,,,,,, I will watch and read every day,, Dennis has learned a lot in the past few months about blogs so we are looking forward to adding to mine,,,,,, Have a blessed Christmas and tell David that my heart hurts for the loss of his mother,,


Anonymous said...

Sandy,, who is the other Denise with the Strange that she has the same name as me and samaritanwoman.. strange

Love AD

Sandra said...

Aunt Denise that is your site. I just had the link typed wrong. I fixed it though. Now it will take everyone to your site. I hope it's okay that I added you.

aola said...

Loved you as an Elf!! too cute.

Merry Christmas to you, David and Erin. Hope it is a peaceful day (although I know it will be tough).

Anonymous said...

I am learing this blog thing,, please be patient with me,, ,,,,,,,,, I love your insite to the things of God,,, you are such a great lady,,,,,,, I am trying to read through your speak archives.
I pray that in the New Year That you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers..


go see my Christmas day thought..on samaritanwomen


Anonymous said...

Sandy,, thanks for the sweet words,, we miss you much,, seems that it has been so many years now,, I think the last time we saw you was on our honeymoon in Calif. Lets not do that again.. Mom and Dad are coming over in a couple of days and I am going to take pictues of them with the tree,, I will make sure you get one via email..
Be blessed this day sweetie...