Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's been a crazy half week here. My work computer has been down since Friday. That means everything has to be completed manualy. It hasn't been to much of a pain, but it hasn't been fun either.
I've been sorting through Pam's things as I have the time and energy. I stop and cry and sort some more. I keep reminding myself to give me the time I need to grieve. There is no recipe for getting over the loss of someone you love. You just have to keep going and see where you end up. I know it isn't something we can "get through" because things will never be the same without her. We just have to adapt to life without her. Christmas will be a difficult time. She was soo good at giving thoughtful gifts and handmade cards. She made everyone feel special.

Erin had a doctors appointment yesterday and the doctor prescribed a new medicine. I'm not one to take medication lightly, but at this point I really think it's what is best for Erin. She is trying so hard to focus and pay attention, and it just isn't working. I feel like I need to give her every opportunity to succede.

We got our Christmas tree last night. It's big and beautiful. I can't wait to decorate.


Kristen said...

Grief is hard; I think you are wise to keep walking through it and "cry it out." You know? It's something you don't get over, but it can get a little less heavy with time.

Hope things work out with Erin.

aola said...

You are a rock, amazing lady.

You take all the time you need. When my Dad died I cried for 6 straight months.

McMom said...

Grief does take time, but DO take all the time you need! My brother died 14 yrs. ago and there are still days where it just hits me and I miss him sooo bad.

My son, the 8 yr. old, recently started medication to help him focus. I struggled with what to do and decided to try it for a month to see if it made a difference. I only needed to wait a few days! It has made such a BIG difference! He is doing awesome and really shining at school- A's and now being tested for gifted.. I think it helped him put together all the thoughts and info in his little brain and get them out for others to see.

He started with Adderall XR but could not swallow pills well. He is now on Daytrana, the patch. It is working very well and I don't make him take it on weekends or holidays. There are also less side effects. He lost 10 lbs on Adderall. A friend of mine has a daughter that is on Daytrana and doing really well also.

Anonymous said...

HI, It is me I am just saying hi I am sorrie that your com. broke mine is vary slow i can wash 2 loads of dishes and only do 2 or3 things on it is that sad or what?