Sunday, February 04, 2007

I need to gather my thoughts about Taylor's birth before I post about it. I was able to be there for her entry into the world, and it was more beautiful than I can express. I am working on a post for it. In the meantime, I have much more to blog about.

The new song is an accurate description of my life right now. David just found out Friday that his company is moving the main building, which he works in, to San Diego. For us, this could mean a few different things. Option A: He is part of the top 50% that will be asked to move to San Diego with the company. We are not sure how likely this will be because he has only been with the company for a few months and his productivity isn't as high as some who have been there several years. This option is also a tad scary because we don't know anyone in San Diego or anything about living there. It's an eight hour drive from here. Option B: He isn't offered the job in San Diego but we convince his company to transfer him to their Pittsburgh office. This option would mean a huge move very soon, but it is a huge step towards our ultimate goal of living close to my family in Pennsylvania. Option C: He is not offered the job in San Diego, they won't let him transfer to the Pittsburgh branch, so we take the severance package, I give my two week notice and we move to Pennsylvania anyway. And the final least likely option is that he doesn't go to San Diego, or Pittsubrugh, but is offered a job somewhere within the San Ramon branch, we stay here, and life continues as normal (whatever that means).
They will be letting everyone know on Wednesday if they will be going to San Diego or not. If he is chosen to go, we will move in July. If he is not chosen, we could be moving much sooner. Just when I thought I had things a little figured out, everything is thrown up in the air again. I've pretty much given up on making any solid plans about the future. I'm just going to hang on tight and try to enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

wow, sandra!
i hardly know how to feel for you from this post.
it sounds like you are a bit winded at the idea of moving, but also that you can embrace it, especially if it fits in with other more ultimate goals.
We are in the same place... we are considering a big move--- like in 2 months.

Kristen said...

We are considering a big move as well...

Scary/exciting/wonderful/terrifying times.

McMom said...

We are on that "tight rope " as well! I want a big move to happen- back to the NW! We will just have to wait and see too.

I hope you get the desire of your heart and are able to move to Penn!!( on the companys dime)

Sandra said...

Thanks Ladies, it helps to know I'm not alone. Good luck to all of you as well!

aola said...

WoW... things that happen "suddenly" are kind of scary but in a bigger way - exciting. Don't get stressed, like you said.. just hang onto your butt and enjoy the ride - see where it takes you. This may be just what you've been waiting for.

Keep us posted.

R said...

Keep us posted. And wow you sound calm.