Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sandra's List of Things You Should NEVER Do!

1) Select eyeglass frames while your eyes are dialated. Everything looks good when is blurry. Wait the four hours until your eyes have returned to normal. It's worth it.
2) Try to lighten your hair at home 3 days before you are going to be in a wedding.
3) Trust the hairstylist who is fixing your hair when she says a little burning on the scalp is okay.
4) Cut your bangs out of frustration.

Really, you cant trust me on all of these!


aola said...

1. I made Mark go with me to help pick out frames this time.

2.I will never, ever bleach or color or cut my hair at home ever again. It took two years to get over the last time.

3. Hairstylist scare me anyway.

4. covered in 2

You are off to a great start on your vacation... :)

Unknown said...


I color my hair at home all the time, but I do remember 1 cardinal rule. Never double process.(see Jens blog on hairdying)

A little burning of any body part is never ok at any time.

Short hairstyles are great, because hair always grows back.

I am a wedding photographer, and any wedding photographer worth their salt will be able to do minor corrections in photoshop.

Still, that sux. :(

Life Lessons: you should send those in to TLC for their figurine series!