Friday, March 23, 2007

We are home and have been since Tuesday. It's taken me this long to feel rested from all the excitment. Our trip was short but good. Seeing my family is medicine. We were greeted with a blanket of snow. Erin loved it. It gave me second thoughts about leaving California. The wedding was beautiful and I am happy that my sister has found someone that makes her happy. My grandmother has shrunk into a form I almost didn't recognise, her hug let me know that it really was her. It was hard to be in their home without my grandpa. It's been five years, but it didn't seem real until I saw life being lived without him. His brown recliner sat empty and Paul Harvey's voice didn't echo through the house at lunchtime.
We've decided to live with my grandma and aunt for a few months when we move. It will help us save money to build a home and I think it will be good for my grandma. She seems lost with out my grandpa. It was her idea and her eyes lit up as soon as she said it. She talked about all the baking and cooking she could do if we were there with them. We had chinese food for lunch one day and I read my fortune which said "expect good thing when you return home". To this my grandma said "You already are home."


aola said...

I'm glad your trip was good. It sounds like you have the beginnings of a plan.

McMom said...

What a sweet grandma! We lived with my grandma after my grandfather died and I never got used to him being gone while living there. I always expected him to walk in the door from work.
Sounds like you are going to make some special memories when you get moved. That will be neat for your daughter!

Unknown said...

When I was young, my mom and me lived with my Great-Grandmother, and then My Grandmother. I love thinking about those times, and those women.

The continuity of the women in my family, and the piece of them that still lives in me every day is something I cherish. I would never know them so well had I not lived with them.