Sunday, April 22, 2007

I finished reading We Were the Mulvaneys today. Someone gave it to me months ago and it sat on my night stand for that long. I was frustrated with the father in the book, so frustrated I almost quit reading it, but didn't. The last few pages released me from any regret I might have had. They gave me hope that a family can be shattered and somehow pull the pieces back together, that family is stronger than all the crap that can happen in a lifetime.

I'm home alone for the evening. David and Erin are visiting David's brother and his family. I'm soaking up the quiet and stillness of the house.

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Unknown said...

It really is.

I can't tell you my absolute astonishment that I have any relationship with my mother. She was violent and abusive to me when I was growing up. I began running away from home when I was 7 years old.

If people are really willing to love each other and can actually manage to have true remorse and true forgiveness, then anything is possible.

It's very hard, but it's possible. It takes a long time, and it is not without bumps in the road.

I had to leave for my own survival and for my own sanity, but when I was able to face my own 'demons' and not allow her to have power over me; she began to own her behavior. Ownership became responsibility. Responsibility became enlightenment. The rest followed in time.