Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My dreams won't let me rest. Several nights ago I dreamed David was pregnant with twin boys. One was much larger than the other and I was so worried for the smaller one that I cut David's stomach open to check on him. The babies were fine so I closed up the stomache as if checking on unborn babies in this manner were completely routine.
Last night I dreamed that my grandmother and grandfather died within days of each other and my mom had a heart attack. The only person I wanted to talk to about it was Aola, but I couldn't find her number. I was searching everywhere and calling everyone I knew but there was no phone number for Aola.


aola said...

Well, I guess if it seemed normal for David to be pregnant why wouldn't it be normal to cut him open to see them??

I think usually those kinds of frustrating, scary dreams are just our insecurities and fears playing with our minds. I dream all the time that I am all alone and can't figure out how to make a living or what to do.

One of my greatest fears.

And, you have a lot of uncertainty ahead of you.

You really do have my number, don't you????

Kristen said...

I'm sorry, friend. Guess your dreams are trying to tell you something, eh? Sometimes I'm grateful for dreams like that...helps me get out my aggresion/worry in a "safe" way, or at least bring it to the forefront to deal with it.

Kristen said...
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Unknown said...

I have a very active dream life. Some are strange, some are very disturbing.

The very disturbing ones are sometimes hard to dislodge once I wake up, and I have to 'give my brain permission' to forget them.

If you have changed something (like vitamins or prescriptions) lately, this could explain a sudden uptick in disturbing dreams.

Sandra said...

I think it's stress. I'm worried about the move and how everything will work out. I just need to relax a bit. Thanks ladies.