Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For Mother's Day Laurie and I got manicures and pedicures. As my feet were primed and polished I thought of Pam and how we always said we would go to the spa together. We put it off for one reason or another and it turns out we never got to go. The realization that life isn't going to wait on me to run through my list of excuses before doing something is one of the reasons I decided to go on vacation with Laurie. Life really is to short not to do what you want, to not be happy. Of course there are many things I won't be able to do, but I might as well do what I can.

Our big move is months away and we haven't planned anything. I'm trying not to freak out. I think I'm doing a fine job of looking put together, but on the inside I'm a wreck. Moving a life across the country is a big deal. I'm glad we have family there and a soft place to land. I'm contemplating what should stay and what should go. I should be spending days of sorting and deciding, but I'm not.


aola said...

I know you... it will be done when it is time.

Kudos to you for pampering yourself.

I'm so weird, I just can't stand the thought of anyone touching me to get pedicures or massages.

Unknown said...

I love the spa. It's one of my 'superdeeduper' indulgences. My perfect day is to take someone close to me (my mom was the last) for a nice day at the spa, getting massaged, pampered, drinking herb tea, having lunch, and feeling girly and refreshed.

Aola, if you have never done it, start with a facial.

Sandra, I moved from CT to WA just about one year ago, with 2 cars, 2 pull-behind trailers, 2 cats, and one husband. We sold nearly everything we had and cashed out every scrap of retirement to make the journey.

When we had our moving sale, it was tough for me to watch our stuff go out the door. Then I remembered one of the primary tennents of Budhism.

"Attachment to things bring pain"

I am not a Buddhist, but it gave me comfort.

A Year later, I don't miss any of my stuff. We procrastinated too and it is truly amazing what you can get done in a week when you really have to!

My best to you!


Sandra said...

A, I get really freaked about being touched too. My first pedicure was rough as was my first massage, but if the person knows what they are doing they can put you at ease. You'd enjoy it!

CV, thanks for the encouragement. As I've been making mental lists of what goes and what stays it's been tough. We are getting rid of almost everything. It feels like starting over again. I know it will be worth it.

Kristen said...

This is such an amazing opportunity for you, in spite of the big steps and big work it will be.