Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday means work as usual for me. I'd rather go shopping. The weather has been beautiful all week but today looks like rain. I hope it doesn't spoil our plans to go to the beach tomorrow. David's new job only gives him one weekend off a month and we are planning on taking full advantage of our Sunday off as a family. Laurie is taking the kids to see Shrek 3 today. Abbey is a huge Shrek fan and even had him (not a princess like you would expect) visit her birthday party. David's dad's band, The Off Ramp, is playing at a local bar tonight and we are supposed to go if we can find a baby sister. The last time we went I got kicked out for not having my ID. Really embarrassing!


Unknown said...

I love the Beach! one of my most favorite matter which beach!

I love how tiny and insignificant I feel on the edge of the vast expanse. I love the myriad lives in the water, the salt, the alien lives beneath the waves, the unknown vastness, everything about the ocean and the sea.

Have a wonderful time!

Kristen said...

My mom loves Shrek. :) Did you get to go on Saturday and Sunday?

aola said...

I'm sure you didn't think so but I think that is so funny that you got kicked out of the bar... you are just too cute.

Sandra said...

Cara, the beach is amazing! The water here is not as warm as I would like, but such is life.

Kristen, We went on Sunday. It was warm and beautiful. We went to the boardwalk too and rode some rides. I didn't get to go shopping on Sunday, but we are going next weekend. I'll remember to take my camera and try on lots of different styles.

A, It was funny even to me. Can they kick you out of a place you don't really want to be?