Friday, July 13, 2007

After a very late night on Thursday we were in no hurry to wake up on Friday. We were supposed to be at the marina at 9 a.m. for our boat tour, but we didn't wake up until 10. Instead we took the day to sight see in down town Puerto Vallarta and check out a tattoo shop we had heard good things about. We visited the tattoo shop and after an hour of going over designs and the entire process of tattooing Laurie made an appointment and put down a deposit. When we left Chapas Tattoo, Laurie wasn't feeling well so we walked the streets of P.V. until we found a supermarket where we purchased crackers, pepto, water, baking soda, and vinegar. The baking soda and vinegar were to get the green out of my hair and the crackers and pepto were to get the sick out of Laurie. She sat down in the middle of the isle to eat a few crackers and choke down the pepto. I prayed that no one would think she was trying to steal and cart us off to jail. I wanted to see Mexico, but not the prison side of Mexico. After several minutes Laurie started to feel a little better so we caught a cab back to the hotel where we took things easy lounging around the pool and staying in close proximity to a bathroom for Laurie. Later that evening we had dinner reservations with our two lady friends Lisa and Renee and three guys we met Brad, Gram, and Jason. We went to the room to get ready, but half way through Laurie knew she wasn't going to make it. She insisted that I go without her. I had taken the time to get ready and was sporting my new black dress, so I went, but only with the understanding that I would only stay if the two girls were there. No way was I going to have dinner with three guys all by myself. (This is the part where I tell you my most-feel-good-moment of my Mexican vacation.) I walked downstairs to meet up with the group. The guys were there, but the girls were running late. I walked up to say hello and let the guys know that Laurie wouldn't be able to make it. When they saw me they almost simultaneously all said "Wow!". And their jaws dropped in unison. I am not one to gloat or to even feel that such a thing was warranted, but I was dressed up and feeling pretty fine so I don't mind gloating just a little. :)
The dinner was great! We all ordered flank steak which was delicious and a full round of sexy coffee because only two of us had seen the presentation before. The conversation was good for the most part. It did stand to confirm that I don't think like most people. How it is that I manage to see the world and people in such a different light than my peer group is beyond me, but I do.
I ended the evening after sexy coffee so that I could check on Laurie. She was still feeling pretty sick so we called it an early night.

I did snap this picture of the sunset on my way back to the room with the hope that at least one night of our vacation would present us with the amazing sunsets sported in postcards.

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