Monday, September 10, 2007

If I were not such a lame friend, the birthday cards for Aola and Jenn P. would be happily soaking up attention at their final destinations. Instead they are here, on my counter waiting to be sent. I'm sorry!

Happy Birthday Jenn!

You are an amazing friend who both encourages and challenges me. We started out playing pin the tail on the donkey 20 + years ago. Who could have imagined we'd be e-mailing one another at the speed of light and that you would traverse the 2000+ miles to experience life on a different coast! I hope your birthday finds you enjoying a new job and life!

Happy Birthday Aola,

The lines of spiritual mother and friend become blurred when I think of our relationship because you have been/continue to be both. You've taught me so much about life and my relationship with God and more importantly you've encouraged me to find my own path and not to be afraid of what's in my heart.

Cheers to you both! I promise, your cards will be sent tomorrow. :)


aola said...

Thank you - I love you, too.

But, save your .41 and hand it to me in person!!!

see you soon

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! Your post made my day. But, wait a minute...seriously, 20+ years ago?? You make us sound so old. But, I guess it probably was 20+ years ago. Man, time flies!
Anyway...I got your email the other day. I'll reply to it soon...I promise.
Love you!

Kristen said...

Sweet post, S.

BTW, here's a fun take on the layering trend: