Monday, October 08, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have water!

I am so excited I would hug the plumber if he weren't covered in ...well, you know. I think I'll go into the apartment and run water from every faucet while flushing the toilet a couple dozen times just to bask in the sound of glorious running water!
Goodbye silly hotel room and rude fellow hotel guest who bang on the ceiling every time we make more noise than a church mouse. Farewell five minute drive to the bathroom. You were absolutely no fun at all! (Especially last Tuesday when I had to go really bad and you made sure every light was red!) Adios yucky hotel variety coffee and miniature coffee pot. You served me well, but I've so missed my gourmet coffee pot with it's built in bean grinder and the delicious aroma of freshly ground beans. (This reminds me, A, what was the name of the coffee you were kind enough to brew when I visited? I can't get that coffee out of my head!)

In all seriousness, I am elated to be home and have running water. This past week was trying and tiring. I'm no good when I'm being shuffled from one place to another. My poor husband and daughter bore the brunt of my grumpiness. Sometimes, I don't know how they stand me. They must both love me a really lot.


Kristen said...

Thank God for water!

aola said...


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