Thursday, November 08, 2007

What a week. I am certainly glad that today is my Friday. It's also the start of a four day weekend. I couldn't be happier. This Monday is our seven year anniversary. It seems crazy to be writing "seven" in there. Erin and I were looking through pictures last night and I could see the years pass by as we flipped through the photo album, but I can't feel the years. They've gone by so fast, faster than I ever imagined they would. They've been beautiful years, and I'm glad they only mark the beginning.
I'm not sure what we will do with our weekend. We have a birthday part for our niece to attend, but other than that it's all up in the air. I'd like to go to an old red barn antique store we've driven by a few times and the Monarch butterflies are visiting
Natural Bridges State Park and I'd love to go and see them. I'll have to check the weather because it's supposed to rain. Mostly, I'm looking forward to four days of not having to think about work.
Last night I bought a table and chairs on a whim. It's a beautiful old wood table that I want to paint black. I'd also like to recover the seats. I'm going to search for the perfect fabric this weekend.

In other news, I've been working on these pendants for my etsy shop. I'm still no where close to selling them, but I wanted to show off what I've been working on. I meant to take pictures of the first dozen I made that were completely atrocious. Who knew soldering could be so difficult to master? It's been fun, and I'm really enjoying working on them. Hopefully I'll refine my technique soon and be able to offer them in the shop before Christmas.


Katt said...

Wow.... Sandy they are wonderful. Im so proud of you. If Im a good girl do I get one for Christmas??? lol...
Love Ya

Anonymous said...

How fun! I bought all the stuff to try those over a year ago and I've been too intimidated to even try it. LOL I also convinced myself that the $15 soldering gun I bought at hobby lobby is surely not a nice enough one to get good results.

And congrats on the Today's Creative Blog feature. Yours is the first kit she's posted on there I believe isn't it?! How cool is that?! :) Kim's such a sweetheart. :)