Monday, February 11, 2008

Did This Mom Go To Far? After seeing this story on GMA I visited their website and read the comments. It's amazing to me that people can believe there is a one size fits all method for raising children. If my mom had used this form of punishment on me it would have been 100% effective. Had she used it on my older sister, it would have backfired. As a parent, I feel that I know my daughter best and what will work for her. This mom knew her son, and knew that this would be effective for him. Good for her! Would I chose this form of discipline for Erin? Most likely not, but Erin comes from a completely different set of circumstances. Effective discipline teaches children that what they did is wrong and that they are capable of doing better. In his interview this little boy said "I can do better." over and over again. I'm sure he was embarrassed , but is that such a bad thing? Maybe a big part of the problem with many kids today is that they don't feel embarrassed by their bad behavior.


R said...

gosh, such mixed feelings when i saw this . . . i have no idea what i think or if i would do it, but i do agree with your assessment about the discipline fitting the child.

Kristen said...

Discipline fitting the child: yep, yep, yep! (My parents just had to give me the stink eye to make me cry/straighten up. :) My brother was much more willful--still is. He had a few wooden spoons broken on his bony butt.)

Anonymous said...

yes, discipline should fit the child. as a teacher, it's nice to see a parent teaching a child to respect their teachers.

Unknown said...

I want to send this mom a Buick.

I think that knowing what makes your child tick is the key to helping them understand how to make it in the world.
Work Ethic
These are complex things to learn well. Partially by example, partially by doing, and partially by correction.

What is important to one child doesn't bother another at all. Punishment has to be customized to be in any way effective.

I am in constant awe of John and Cheri, two of the best parents I have ever seen. They became parents on purpose, and have been 100% involved in their children every day since.

Sandra said...

Becky, I was torn too until I saw the mom and son. He was such a respectful little boy. His mom must be doing something right.

Kristen, the stink eye worked on me too. I would cry if my mom even had to talk to me.

Jen, I agree! Parents really need to reinforce respect for teachers in this time when teachers are very limited in their resources for discipline.

CV, I couldn't agree more. Parents sometimes forget what their job is. Of course we love our kids and want them to be happy, but if we forget to teach them the important things in life they won't be happy. A few tears in their younger years might save them many more in adulthood.