Thursday, March 13, 2008

I suppose I asked for it, this change that shook my world. In a way I sensed it was coming. The plans to move in to my dad's house have fallen through. He and my step-mom are planning on moving back in to their home and, without talking to us first, made plans for us to move in with my step-sister and nephew. Those plans will never work. I tried to explain it to my dad who is the most easy going, take life as it comes at you person I've ever met. To him, this change is small and insignificant. To me it's the size of the Grand Canyon. We have our life, and we're quite used to the rythem of one another, a rythem that will be thrown off enough with a cross country move and a new baby. The months after we move will be a time when we need our own space to discover who we are as parents and how life works in a new place. It is not a time for me to worry about my step-sister and nephew or what I can and can't do in her home.
Obviously this change brings complications. We now have to find a manufactured home to put on the land by my grandma's house. It's not without it's benefits though. This is what we wanted originally, to live on my family land close to my grandmother and aunt and away from everything but the grass and trees of the Pennsylvania countryside. Moving in to my dad's house was only a short term fix. They needed someone to ocupy the house so it wouldn't be vacant, and we needed a place to live while we figured everything out. Now, we will just figure it all out from 3,000 miles a way and trust that if we embrace this change, life will work out as it should.


R said...

Hate that their are snafus. moving has always been fraught with them for us . . . but it sounds worth it.

Kelli said...

You sound like you're handling it very well. I would not have been writing so calmly about such a big change right after discovering it!

Are you from Pennsylvania?

Kristen said...

Oy vey. Sending light back your way, too, friend.

Unknown said...

Look for repos when you find a manufactured home. You should be able to pick one up for a song.

Also look in parks that are closing, for homes marked 'must be moved' often you can get one for nearly nothing, and then the move and install are all you pay for your house.

If i had my druthers, I'd be in exactly your situation! I love my mobile, but don't like paying park rent. This is actually very good!

I'm sorry you had a change of plans, and that your cheese seems to be continually on the move.


McMom said...

Maybe this change will help you get where you want to be a little faster. It is hard doing things long distance though!

CV had to help us get this house. She had to be my eyes!

aola said...

If anyone can handle it, it is you.
Maybe someone in your family there will help you.

Sandra said...

Becky, my only "big" move consisted of three boxes and a plane ride. It's not that easy anymore!

Kelli, I was a mess when I first found out. I am pretty sure my head did a full 360 degree spin a couple of times.

Thanks for the light Kristen!

CV, I'm doing the best I can looking. We are looking for a used home, but through a dealer so they will handle the land survey, and set up etc. It just makes it easier since we won't be there. I don't want to put too much on my dads plate.

Cherri, Yes this is good for us and will give us what we really wanted sooner.

A, my grandma, aunts, and dad are all willing to help. So, it won't be as difficult. :)

Denise said...

let me know if there is anything that Dennis and I can do ... we just got through moving in the house for Mom and Dad.. It really is not bad... but let me know if there is any information we can give... I think you are making a wise decision.......... You need your space.......!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'll be in youngstown the week around easter if there's anything I can do...I know that I need to read your blog much more often at the very least!! congrats on all the progress and decisions already made and we'll keep praying for your strength and patience with all the details that will inevitably continue to surprise you until the move is complete and the baby arrives. love and miss you, becky71680

Old Folks Blog said...

Hi Sandra and family,
All that I can say is,good luck,our prayers will be with you and your family.Everything will work out fine,You and David have good heads and know how to handel things.Moves are never fun.
God bless,
Love much,
The Oldfolk.