Monday, May 05, 2008

Sadness. Our home computer crashed and due to my recent habit of procrastination, many of my photos were not backed up. The pc is at the doctors now, and there is a chance they will be able to recover my precious photographs. With that comes the obvious conclusion that they might not be able to recover them. I could cry!

Goodness. David had I had a day/night all to ourselves. We watched movies and cuddled on the couch. It was bliss. Even better was realizing that, even though it's literally been months since Erin spent the night away, I still missed her like crazy and was beyond happy to have her home again.

Pure Joy. David had a day off. He's only had three of those this month! We used the time to do a little registering for Hayden. Each time we take the next step in preparing for his arrival it all seems a little more real.


R said...

so sad about the pics. one of my greatest fears . . .
glad you guys got a day.

Unknown said...

I have all of my photos automatically saving to a separate off-computer drive, and when I really get ones I want I put those on a disc as well.

The USB-connected ones are pretty inexpensive now.

I'm glad you had a good day with your sweetheart and got to recharge a bit!

aola said...

HooRay for cuddling on the sofa.

Registered where?

McMom said...

I hope you get your pictures!!

I could use a cuddling day! We do run away for coffee now and then.

E. Michelle said...

wow. i need to back up my pics too.
I am jealous. Chris and i mostly drive each other crazy if we have all day to ourselves.