Friday, June 13, 2008

Because my last day is in 3 weeks..

I'm spending my spare time at work making digital scrapbook pages. I'm really not one to ever slack off on the job, but everything is done and it's too hot to do anything requiring much activity. Besides, this is fun.


Katt said...

Wow.... you both look like just kids in those pictures. I read this (at work of course) and had to fight back the tears. Carefree days are when we make some of our best memories I think.
You have, however, some great memories ahead of you.
I love you so much, and am very happy that you found your soulmate.. so few are that fortunate.

Unknown said...

These are really cool. Do you print them out, or just keep them digitally, what is their disposition?

Sandra said...

I don't normally print them out, but I create them at a high resolution so they can be printed. Eventually, I'd like to make a book using

Kristen said...

So pretty!

McMom said...