Tuesday, August 12, 2008

David left early this morning for his first day of work. He works about an hour away which is slightly farther than I am comfortable with, but with family so close I'm not worried.
He is working for (Cara, please cover your eyes.) Wal-Mart. I know that this means he too is contributing to the downfall of society as a whole, but they offered him substantially more $$ than the other offers he received and it's a supervisor position which will be excellent experience. I of course was hoping he would put his rather expensive education to use, but in the end he had to take the job that offered the most. Overall he is excited about the job and developing more management skills, and ultimately his happiness is what matters to me, that and being able to keep the lights on.
In other news, we enrolled Erin in school yesterday. She is excited about all that 7th grade has to offer which means she's really happy to be around boys again. As a woman who was pretty much scared to death of boys, I'm having a very difficult time relating to this stage in her life. Her father isn't handling it very well either. We both want her to be seven and repulsed by boys again.
Hayden is growing at lighting speed which means my belly is protruding father than ever. If I had four hands and better lighting I'd take photos so you could see for yourself.
We are a month into Pennsylvania living and things are different than I expected, but in a good way. Living here as an adult is not the same as it was living here as a teenager, it's much better. I know who I am now and I can better appreciate the quiet beauty that surrounds us. As a teenager I was eager to expand and explore. As an adult who has expanded a little and explored a little more, I'm comfortable in choosing this as the place I want to be. David, having grown up in Oregon, loves the landscape and lifestyle as much as I do. It took Erin and few weeks to adjust, but she's starting to come around. Last night, she was out catching firefly's, and she's finally admitted that it isn't too green here after all.


Unknown said...

Do you have a Tripod and a timer? I'd love to see some belly photos....

LOL I covered my eyes and hid in a corner and cried. Then I got over myself.

I worked for Enron which means that apparently I have raped everyone who lived in California. Man, I'm tired now.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm really glad to hear that things are going well for you and your family.
Is Erin going to go to Karns City?

aola said...

sounds like you guys are building a wonderful life there. I'm so glad it is all working for you.

let us know how David's first day went.

Kristen said...

Lovely. :) You'll get through the boy crazy stage with flying colors, I'm sure.