Saturday, August 30, 2008

If I could bottle the scent of the breeze this morning and send it to each of you, I would. It's intoxicating.
My dreams are full of Hayden. He is here and I forget him in the grocery store or forget to feed him. I know the dreams are my subconscious way of dealing with my fears and anxiety so I don't let them bother me.
Erin spent the night with a friend. Her name is Sara and she seems very nice. They live a few houses away from us which puts me at ease. I'm learning to be a little better at the giving part of my relationship with Erin. I'm starting to see that rewarding her for small changes in behavior have a big impact. I'm a strict parent by nature, and she is a free spirit. It's a difficult situation, but one we are learning to navigate.
With David at work and Erin at school my days are free. I've been making baby things. It's good to have something to do that I enjoy doing.

This is a hat and kimono set I made for Hayden. I'm worried that the kimono may be too small, but I have more fabric to make another one.

This is a grasshopper hat that will probably be way to warm for him. I'm in love with baby hats!


aola said...

the hats are soooo cute. You are one talented lady!

Unknown said...

Those are adorable! I'm glad that you are able to flex your relationship with Erin a bit, and grow with her. You are all growing together.

I can't wait to see Hayden in his grasshopper hat!

Kelli said...

Wow, those are so adorable! Great job! I've been toying with the idea of sewing some simple things for the kids... but I'm not really sure if I will have the time. We'll see. You're projects are definitely inspiring!

Jen said...

Dang! Look at you going to town on the sewing projects!! I doubt that the hat will be too warm...we're supposed to be in for a bad winter.

R said...

super cute. and super wise about Erin.
i think might lean towards permissive. i have to kind of concentrate to make him do things.

Y said...

I still love hats for Mia. And babies need warm hats. Yep. :)

I walk the line between strict and permissive. I find myself always focused on the fact that I have to keep myself balanced because Mia doesn't have a dad to even things out. I think I do okay. Sort of.