Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pluming problems seem to follow us. Our sewage line is broken just underneath the driveway. The basement is a mess of nasty yucky sewage water. Luckily it's draining now, but it will be a few days before the line is repaired.
Our dryer went out last week and still isn't fixed. We're waiting on the parts store to let us know the part is in.
I'm learning all about Primum Atrial Septal Defects and researching where to go for my surgery. The surgeon I'm seeing next week is a very well known heart surgeon, but I'm not sure he has ever done this type of surgery, and if someone is going to be operating on my heart, I want to make sure they've done it successfully many times.
Hayden continues to be amazing. He's breastfeeding at every feeding and I'm supplementing formula. We'll keep doing whatever it takes.
I keep waiting for life to take on some sort of normalcy. Doctor's visits for Hayden, Erin, and myself keep us running from one place to the next. I'm ready for things to slow down.


Unknown said...

Way to go with breastfeeding! What champs you and Hayden both are.

I'm so glad you have the luxury of time to research doctors! That's fantastic.

I have not one shred of advice to give on your life reaching a routine. I think your life is going to evolve and happen while you wait for that to occur.


Kristen said...

I'm sorry about the plumbing and the dryer! Blah!

Hang in there, buddy--and way to go on the breastfeeding! My hero!

aola said...

I hate to tell you, but.. your normal has changed.

Plumbing problems stink !!

Ha!Ha!Ha! I made a funny.