Thursday, November 20, 2008

10 items for $10 or less!

These days I'm loving searching Etsy for beautiful unique Christmas gift ideas. Our budget isn't big, but I love to give and the handmade goods on Etsy provide an affordable yet meaningful way to give while supporting fellow handmade artisans. Plus it's just exciting to see what others are making.

The following is my list of interesting, pretty, and/or yummy gifts for under $10!

And if you have some extra cash to spare this holiday season take a look at this "little" gem.


Unknown said...

Diamond Ring = What bailout CEO's will be getting for their new trophy wives.

Other items = what the rest of us will be getting.

McMom said...

Those are really neat! I saw a few things I would like for me!

Sandra said...

Hahaha Cara! You are so right! The more I hear about this stupid bailout the more I agree with your trickle up plan. :)
Cheri, I think any of these would be a fabulous gift. I'm dying to make one of those sun/moon lights. They are soo cool!

Udora Body Care said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Whipped Cinnamon Toasted Brown Sugar Scrub. 10% anything in my shop to any customer that mentions this blog :-)

Kristen said...

Wow, that sugar scrub and the marshmallows look amazing!

When I saw the ring I thought, "Damn, no one needs a ring that big." LOL

swanriverstone said...

Thank you sooo much for featuring my earrings. That particular design was one of my best sellers:) I need to find more of those cube since that is my last pair:(

Your blog is GORGEOUS!! and the little one is an angel sooo sweet. I love all your 10 and under choices. The sugar scrub sooo heavenly, the caramels soo tempting and the coin purse is too cute:)

NOw, about that ROCK !! shoot i could put my daughter through her first year of college with that one LOL!!

aola said...

You have some very cute stuff on your list. I especially like that brown scarf.