Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pam, it's been two years since you left us though it hardly seems that long. How do the days add up so quickly? So much has changed since you left us and so much remains the same. There is a new addition to our family. Hayden is the baby you kept begging us to have. He looks just like David but I like to think there is a little of me in there somewhere. When I think about him not ever getting to meet his granny Pam my heart breaks. I know how happy our having a baby would have made you. I'm sorry we didn't do it sooner so that you could enjoy him too.
We finally made that big move we always talked about, the one you were sure we would never make. It's a lot like Oregon here. You would love it.
The one thing that will never change is how much we miss you. It's easier than it was. I go days at a time without thinking about you, but you are always there in the back of my mind. I hear Elvis on the radio or see a scrapbook page or card you made for us and that is all it takes for the memories to flood in. I hope that wherever you are now you are happy and at peace. If everything I believe about life after death is true, you are.

The video I made for Pam's memorial. Long and boring to anyone but me. :)

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