Monday, November 10, 2008

The weather is turning cold here. The few leaves that have managed to cling to the trees are withered and gray, and it is dark by 5 o'clock. Already, I'm wondering if I will survive winter without pulling my hair out or worse gaining an obscene amount of weight. Maybe that isn't worse I'm pretty used to be fat, but I've never been bald. Luckily I have Hayden to occupy my time and he's a great occupier. I've dubbed him "Little Tyrant". It's his way or the highway. I wonder if he knows he has competition for the title. Erin is quite the little tyrant these days as well. It's a good thing I love them both to pieces!

In random news, I managed to pump a full ounce today! To me this is akin to winning the lottery! I've been taking brewers yeast, More Milk, and eating tons of oatmeal along with pumping like crazy just be able to pump that much! Hayden is getting more than that when he breast feeds, but not much more. I still have to supplement every feeding with a bottle, but seeing progress motivates me to soldier on.

I went to an arts and crafts show with my Aunt on Thursday. It was so much fun. The towns around here do things a little differently. Instead of going to a big hall full of booths, the artist open up their homes and you meet them where they live. We picked up a map from the local bank and hopscotched our way from one house to the next sipping apple cider and drooling over crafts. I picked up a few Christmas gifts and enjoyed spending time with my Aunt. It feels strange to be all grown up around her.

Hayden had is one month doctor's visit on Friday and the little man has grown to a whopping 11lbs 9oz and 23 1/2 inches! There is no stopping the little tape worm as David refers to him. He's also entered the oh-so-cute stage of coos and smiles! While laying half naked on the examination table he decided to kick his little legs like mad and he and I had a coo off. He cooed and then I cooed then he cooed and I cooed. You get the picture right? The whole thing ended in him letting out a loud baby laugh which was almost immediately followed by baby cries when they gave him his shot. Poor baby! Luckily the crying didn't last long. He ate a little which was probably more about comfort than huger and then he went off to dream land.

In all my spare time AKA when David is home and willing to watch Hayden for a few hours I managed to make this purse.

What do you think? I'm pretty impressed with myself. :)

I want to listen to this song every day! Maybe that will get me through the cold winter days! If you watch TLC like I do, you've heard it a million times already. :)


Kristen said...

A coo-off! I love it! Alyssa and I do this sometimes, too!

aola said...

You did a great job on the purse. I am amazed that you are finding the time for stuff like that with a new baby in the house! SuperWoman you are.

The song is a bit chipper for how I've been feeling lately.

Sandra said...

Kristen, Isn't it so much fun to have coo offs?!? :)

A, Thanks for the purse comment. I usually get stuff like that done while Hayden sleeps or on the days David is home and can watch him for a little bit. That purse took be about 2 hours.
And I love that the song is chipper because it helps me to be a little more chipper. I listen to it when I start to feel down.

R said...

mmm . . . winter. . . the key to surviving winters of snow (you get snow, right?) is to go outside as much as possible. otherwise you will be bald my dear.

I love the lining of the purse.