Thursday, December 18, 2008

I should have thought about the effect changes in temperature have on my joints before moving here. Since I was about 5 years old, my joints ache when a cold front moves in or if there is going to be any rain. I went to several doctors when I was younger. One said it was a calcium deficiency and another said growing pains. Whatever the cause nothing has ever made the pain go away. I just pop a few ibuprofen and if the pain is really bad I take a nice hot bath. That always does the trick. Maybe I should buy stock in ibuprofen.

Hayden is growing so fast! He has already rolled over while lying on our bed and is very close to rolling over while playing on his floor mat. He loves to hold his head up and look around, and he is a master conversationalist if you speak cooanese. He has also learned the fine art of placing any object his is lucky enough to get in his hands into his mouth. He always giggles when he manages to aim his hands for his mouth and hits the target.

Erin is very excited about Christmas break and is begging us to let her go to the Snowflake dance in January. It's going to take massive amounts of convincing to get her father to okay that.

My grandmother fell while walking down the ramp at her house yesterday. She broke her arm and two ribs. When she called me to tell me she had just gotten home from the ER and was already icing cookies she had baked before she fell. I'm going over to her house tomorrow to help her finish baking the last of the cookies she's making for a big order. She can talk with Hayden while I do all the work.

Me, well I'm hanging in there. My mind is a mess with all the things I want to and need to be doing, but all I seem to find time for is taking care of Erin, Hayden, the dogs, the cats, and the house. I'm in desperate need of a pedicure and if someone could do something with this hair I would so appreciate it! I made the mistake of coloring it red, and I should have known better. Red always fades very quickly and for some reason anytime I color my hair darker than it's normal shade it ends up feeling oily and having no volume regardless of the type of products I use. Crazy hair!


McMom said...

Sounds busy around your place!

Spritz cookies are the delicate little buttery cookies that you make with a cookie press. I have a cookie press from Pampered Chef and had not used it yet. I have had it for about 3 yrs. but just had never tried it. They turned out yummy and were gonein a flash. I need to make some more. I need to see if I have enough butter. You need 3 sticks of it.

Jen said...

Wow, she must have taken quite a fall to have a broken arm and two broken ribs! But, it's just like her to not skip a beat even when she has an injury! See you soon!

aola said...

Sorry to here that Grandma fell - she must be tough!

The cold makes me hurt all over and really, really look forward to spring!

Unknown said...

There is alot going on up there! That was quite a fall!

I always struggle with my hair color. This brown always looks stringy and greasy to me.

Perhaps a little daily dose of glucosamine would help the joint pain?


Kristen said...

I thought I posted a note here...must have gotten busy...

Your totes are gorgeous! That red floral one is just screaming to me. :)

I'm sorry about Grandma; how are things now?

I totally agree about red hair, but it's fun for about a week, huh?

Can't wait to see some more Christmas (and snow!) photos with Hayden sometime soon.