Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Doctor Love

I love my doctor. He's so calm and reassuring. I had worked myself up into quite a mess by the time I saw him today, and he managed to calm me down. Everything looks the same with my heart which is good. The pressure is exactly the same and my heart isn't showing any signs of being any more damaged than it already was. My doctor recommended that I not wait anymore than a year to have the surgery and said he would prefer it be done before summer. I still have to meet with the surgeon to make sure his assessment is the same. He will most likely order another cardiac cath so he can take another look at the pressures in my heart. As long as he doesn't see anything that would require the surgery to be done sooner, we are going to plan on having it in May.

I still have a mountain of questions for the surgeon including his infection rate and the number of times he's done this surgery successfully. I also want to know exactly how long it will be before I can pick up my baby and how long I'll have to be in the hospital and away from him. The thought of spending a single night away from him is killing me.

The echo was interesting. When I had the echo's the first time I had no idea what the were looking for and was in complete denial that anything could be wrong with my heart. This time I asked a ton of questions and the tech was kind enough to show me the defect and the blood as it passed through the defect. It was very interesting. I'm going to see if I can get a copy of the cd next time so I can post it here. It's just a sonogram looking video so it shouldn't make anyone's stomach turn.

They also made me do a six minute walk test where I had to walk as fast as I could for six minutes and tell them every minute how out of breath I was on a scale of 1-10. The lady who gave me the test said I did much better than most of her patients and I said that's because most of them are 70 and in heart failure. She laughed and agreed.

I'm still filtering through the what-if's. I'm still scared to death of the vent and the saw and the pain, but I feel a little more confident too. Dr. Sokos said very mater of factly that if he or Dr. Magovern didn't feel completely confident that they could provide the best possible care for me that they wouldn't hesitate to refer me to someone else. It helps that he's met my daughter and son and knows exactly what's at stake.


aola said...

You are strong and wise Sandra Jackson!

Kristen said...

It's so cool to me how well informed you are, Sandra. :)

I would have a very hard time being away from my little one, too.

I definitely want to see the echo if you get a copy of it.

Denise said...

You ask questions until there are no questions to ask.......... Go in there WELL informed!

AND something on the other post about that beautiful baby being spoiled! YOU hold him till he is too big to be held!!!!!!! HE will grow up all too soon and you will not be able to hold him on your shoulder!

Mary said...

I know this is a very difficult time for you. As Denise said, ask questions, questions and more questions, until you are happy that you have all the answers.

Praying for you.

Unknown said...
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R said...

I think feeling sure of your doctor makes the whole thing a little easier. I am so glad.

Unknown said...

I should read all of your posts before I post a cheesy 'You're going to be fine' note. Hence the deleted post.

I think you are doing exactly all the right things, and as a veteran surgical person I'm still always available to talk and help you process anything you like!

Still my hospital survival kit stands. Back scratcher, earplugs, chapstick, and nice smelling lotion.


Sandra said...

Cara, you're hilarious! I loved your advice. I'm familiar with a morphine drip because I had one after the c-section and I'm not afraid to push that button as much as needed!
You're hospital survival kit seems fairly complete. I'd have to add conditioner for when the finally allow me to take a shower. During my last stay I didn't have any because I hadn't expected to be in the hospital for so long. My hair was a mess!

McMom said...

You are amazing!!