Saturday, May 23, 2009

Full of Funny

When we lived in Sunnyvale friends would tell us about the crazy city ordinances that kept them both amused and frustrated. There were rules like keeping wheel covers on the tires of motor homes when they weren't in use, not being able to cut down a tree with out a permit, and not being able to display signage without a free permit which was only good for 30 consecutive days or the same amount of days broken up into weekends. I used to shake my head and laugh at the politics that seemed to be involved in everything.

Yesterday we received a letter from the city letting us know that our grass had grown beyond the six inch height allowed by city grass ordinance and that we have 14 days to mow it or we will be fined $300-$1000. If we happen to have a second offense we will be given 72 hours to comply. If we fail to comply the city will have our lawn mowed for us and we will be required to pay up to $100 for the service. If we fail to pay a lien will be placed on the property.

At first I was pissed off. It's our land and if we want our grass to be tall then it will be tall. Then, I had to laugh. We moved from one place of micromanaged citizens to another. How hilarious is it that people even care how tall my grass is? In reality there are three large patches of grass that are overgrown because we need to use the push mower in those places and my dear husband has been busy dealing with everything else in our lives while I recover. Mowing the lawn fell to the bottom of the list below caring for Hayden, Erin, and me, making sure we have clean dishes and laundry, caring for the dogs, and, oh yes, working full time so that we can pay our bills and eat. I'm tempted to meticulously cut only the grass to the six inch level and allow the weeds to grow as tall as they can. After all the notice said nothing about weeds.


aola said...

if I lived closer I would bring my big ol' sears craftsman 4500 and mow the grass for you

I'm so glad sometimes that we live in Oklahoma where no body much gives a shit about anything

Sandra said...

Thanks A. My dad brought his push mower over today and helped. My step-grandpa was nice enough to give us his old riding mower which is in excellent condition. Previously David had been mowing my grandma's lawn for her and then using her riding mower to mow ours. He'll still mow hers for her so that neither she nor my aunt have to do it, but at least he won't have to worry about moving the lawn mower back and forth.

It does really irk me that they would create such an ordinance. I read through the ordinance online thinking that perhaps it was a fire hazard issue although that was hard for me to imagine considering how much rain we get, but it has nothing to do with fire. They listed tall grass as a nuisance and health hazard. I'm sure glad someone is protecting me from that dangerous grass! Idiots!

Kristen said...

I would have sent them a "um, yeah, I just had HEART SURGERY and I have an infant" letter and told them to suck it.

I would still send that to them...and a copy to your local paper. But I'm bitchy that way. Ha.

aola said...

I agree with Kristen.. before they just send out such idiotic notices they should find out the cicumstances.