Friday, June 26, 2009

My small part of the world is so beautiful during the early evening hours that I want to swallow the amber glow of the setting sun whole. I wanted to capture the beauty of it on film today, but I was busy keeping Hayden from eating grass.
We sat in the humidity for a few hours today selling baby things at the community yard sale. By two o'clock we'd had all we could stand and decided it was time to swim. It was Hayden's first trip to the pool and he had so much fun. He kicked and splashed, tried to drink the water, and even went under water once. He came up coughing and laughing. I'm trying so hard to soak up all of these moments. They grow so quickly and I don't want to feel as if I've missed anything.

I don't think I've told you that I got a job. It's a part time job at my favorite retail store, Ross. I took it mostly because I want the discount, but also to help finance my photography business and to give our income a little boost. I also want David to feel like he has the freedom to look for another job. He's quickly becoming frustrated with his current schedule and long drive. He's put in a few applications and we're waiting to hear back. I hope he finds something with normal hours that is closer to home. I'll be sad to be away from Hayden, but it will only be for a few hours a day and my grandma will be with him so he'll be well taken care of.

I'm really looking forward to my twin being here next week. I have no idea what type of adventures we'll go on, but we always manage to have fun. She could really use your thoughts/prayers right now. I'm hopeful that this few weeks away will strengthen and renew her spirit for the road ahead.


Jen said...

My favorite time of the day is dusk. I think it's magical. And it's still...the busy-ness of the day is coming to a close and it's just peaceful. I just need to find someone who will take walks with me at dusk.
We'll make sure Brandy has a good time! Who can not have a good time when you're around??

Unknown said...

I love summertime evening. It's my absolute favorite.

I can see you in my minds eye resting there and watching Hayden and saying 'Don't eat the grass :)'

It sounds like you are well off to a running start in your business, soon you'll be making money from it.

Best wishes when your twin visits!

Elaine said...

You sound like you are enjoying.

Kristen said...

Sometimes I just pause to take a mental picture really quick. :)

Good for you on your new job. Very cool. Hope it works out.

aola said...

Good Lord, woman! what else can you fit into your busy schedule??

I think about Brandy a lot. She's going to come out of this stronger and better. She has kids to think about and I know she will do what's best for them. She's a strong woman.