Friday, July 31, 2009

Life is good right now. We are living on less that we ever have, but I'm doing what I love and that is worth it.
My recent trip to Virginia Beach with Jen and her sister Karen was unbelievably fun. It was a short trip, but we laughed almost the entire time! We ate some great sea food, listened to some good music, and played in the ocean. We all want to go back next summer and stay a little longer.
The job is strange. They went from scheduling me 10 hour days to only scheduling me one day a week. I'm not sure if that is worth the time and effort or not.
My tomatoes are HUGE! I can't wait for them to ripen up. The Dahlias are blooming. The black raspberries have all been picked. Life is good.


McMom said...

Sweet Sandra!!

Kelli said...

A whole, big bunch of my tomatoes are just getting ripe this weekend and we're out of town. I'm so sad! So, I'm hoping my parents pick them and I'll enjoy the next ones. :) There's nothing like fresh, vine ripened tomatoes!

It's good to hear from you. :)

aola said...

okay, I'm kind of tired of so many tomatoes but the raspberries sound so yummy.

living on less isn't so bad